Procedures Fees including tax (JPY)
D0150 Initial Exam (Comprehensive) 6480
Check-up and cleaning (without x-rays) 15120
D0120 Recall Exam 6480
Recall Exam with Scaling (Adult) 12960
Recall Exam with Scaling (Children) 12960
D0150 Children's Exam 5400
D0220 Dental x-ray 1080
D0330 Panoramic x-ray 6480
D1110 Prophylaxis adult (Cleaning) 8640
D1120 Prophylaxis child w/ fluoride 5400
D9972 Whitening (In-Office) 43200
D2391 Composite Resin Filling(tooth colored fillings) 16200~32400
D2720 Hybrid Crown (Resin Fused to Metal) 75600
D2620 Porcelain Inlay 54000
D2740 All Zirconia Crown 86400
D2740 All Ceramic Crown 129600
D2510 Gold Inlay 32400~64800
D2790 Gold Crown 97200
D3310 Root Canal Therapy 21600/per root
D0180 Periodontal Exam 10800
D4341 Root Planing/Quadrant 10800
D4341 Root Planing/One arch 32400
D7140 Extraction(simple) 21600
D7210 Extraction(complex) 32400
D7220 Extraction (Soft Tissue Impaction) 43200
D7240 Extraction (Full Bony Impaction) 64800
D9910 Emergency Fee 6480
D5110,5120 Full Denture 216000
D5213,5214 Partial Denture 216000
D9910 Desensitization/tooth 4320
D9940 Night Guard/Occlusal Splint 21600
D1203,1204 Fluoride 5400
D6010 Dental Implant (Surgery Only) 270000
Dental Implant with Ceramic Crown 399600
D6010 Mini Implant (Surgery Only) 75600
*This list of fees only applies to those without Japanese Health Insurance.
*Please call for the costs with Japanese Health Insurance.
* Actual fee may vary, depending on the extent of the procedure. All fees are subject to change without notice.